About Lisa

Lisa did her BS in Marine Biology at UC Santa Cruz and an MS in Bioinformatics at SoongSil University in Seoul with Dr. Kwang-Hwi Cho. Her Masters thesis was on a method to make QSARs reproducible using Jupyter Notebook, and contained a genetic algorithm component to reduce search space, which is now being developed into DEAP-VS to be compatible with Python 3.

She currently works for Geisinger Health System, a leader in Precision Medicine.

Some other labs she’s an alum of include:

Jake Socha’s lab, organismal biomechanics at VT. (worked for him for a summer at Argonne National Lab conducting a butterfly feeding experiment)

Callum Ross’ lab, primate biomechanics at UChicago (did some coding in Igor Pro, helped out with the alligator and capuchin experiments and presented a poster on the position of the instantaneous center of rotation of the primate jaw during chewing)

Rita Mehta’s lab, evolutionary biomechanics at UCSC (did mostly computational work with fish biting image digitization and eel jaw measurement eigenvector analysis for my senior project)

Dokyoon Kim’s lab, biomedical informatics at UPenn (worked for him at Geisinger Health System as part of the newly established Biomedical and Translational Informatics Institute, working on SNP, WES, RNA-seq, and other -omics data associations with disease, and had a few works reach publication)